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by Brian Zinger on May 23, 2014


The fly on the right is a Early Quill Emerger. I’ve been using this fly for years. I originally tied it to imitate emerging Hendricksons and Quill Gordons.  It’s best fished in the slower riffles before and during the Hatch.  Sometime, fish are feeding on the emerger at the surface.  So even with rising fish I won’t switch to the dry fly. This fly has taken a ton of fish this time of year.

The next big hatch on the horizon is the March Brown hatch.  I feel this is the 1st may fly hatch of the season to really draw attention to the surface.  However trout really love the nymph phase of the March Brown. The fly on the left (above) is an imitation that I have been tying and fishing with great success for the past 5+ years.



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