Warmer Thoughts

by Brian Zinger on February 23, 2017

The last time I posted, I was getting ready to tie Woolly Buggers for Castaway fly tying night. During the course of that day it was snowing heavily and a couple guys got sick, so no one showed. I really enjoy tying with other people for the camaraderie and banter that is mostly about fly fishing. I also don’t mind tying alone because I can get so much more done.

We wound up picking up 2 feet of snow during the course of last week, however once the weekend hit it turned very spring like with temps in the 50’s for a couple days, and we are looking at more 50’s as we go into this weekend. These warm sunny days have made me start thinking about the first big May fly hatches of the Spring that really get the dry fly fishing going for the rest of the season. The Hendricksons (Ephemerella Subvaria) are the first. They start hatching in early May in size 14 and 12. They are generally done my mid May, when March Browns  soon follow. The March Brown (Stenonema vicarium) starts to hatch in late May and peaks early to mid June in sizes 12-10. The March Brown hatch is much more important to the fly fisher, because of there size and the water temps are far more favorable for trout and aquatic insect activity, plus the trout have been primed to look up for there food with the emergence  of the earlier hatches. In the picture are Catskill style dries of both and a haystack March brown.

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