River report: December 9, 2018

by Brian Zinger on December 9, 2018

Not much to report. Most of our guides have been taking some time off the water to get in the woods for hunting season. Many of the flies that I’ll be Tying this winter will be with the feathers and fur that I harvest from this and past hunting seasons. I’ve already got all kinds of water fowl feathers, turkey, and buck fur from this year. I love to use as much of an animal as possible, and to be able to use them too fool fish is even more satisfying.

We have been in winter mode since Mid October. Air temps have been a minimum of 5-10 degrees below average, we have been getting snow since early November and it’s not going anywhere. Ski resorts have been getting open and loving the early powder days. Last two nights were single digit above and below zero so open sections of river are starting to close due to ice.

With conditions like this, you need to prepare for your day. Many of our guide fish on days like this because of the added challenge it presents. Most of the challenge is being safe, warm and dry. Catching fish is equally a tough challenge, however there are some strategy and techniques that can increase your chances. If you would like learn how to get back on the river during the winter, book a guide to help you learn how to do it right.

Remember we are gift receiving time of year. Make sure you receive a great gift by putting a Stream and Brook gift certificate at the top of Santa’s list. Do just think that someone is going to come up with the idea that you might like a half day with a guide to learn new water or new techniques, or that you need an assortment of flies to fill your box next season. We have gift certificates for all of our services.

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