Whats on the Vise? March 14th 2012

by Brian Zinger on March 14, 2012


With the mild winter and lack of snow pack, plus the record breaking warm just days ago and more to come.  All kinds of thoughts as to what effect those abnormal weather related events will have today,  as well as,  the rest of the season.  One thing we can hope is that it will bring some early hatches and rising fish.  When fish start rising, it can be hard to determine what they are on,  particularly when there are multiple hatches.   A dry fly I like to use when matching the hatch is not happening,  is the well know Adams.   Well known, tied in the Catskill style, however preferred in the parachute style by most anglers today.  I fish them in both styles, mostly because Tim Ziegler and I fished Catskill’s no matter what was hatching  back in Clearfield Co. Penna. and had much success.  Also because I believe the profile difference can be the difference  sometimes.

I’ll be up to my waders in tying Adams, because I am going to offer them to all who care about “guide tied, flies for a buck”  Drop me a line to start filling your box.  For those who would rather tie them yourself here is what you’ll need:


Hook: Standard Dry fly hook Sizes 12 -18

Thread: Black 8/0

Tail: Mix of  stiff Grizzly and Furnace Hackle fibers

Abdomen: grey muskrat underfur

Wing: 2 Grizzly Hackle tips tied upright and divided(always retain clipped tips for this reason)

Hackle: 1Grizzly and 1 Furnace

Head: Black thread


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