Whats on the vise? Jan. 16th 2011

by Brian Zinger on January 16, 2012

The frigid temperatures this past week has triggered hard water anglers to move into action.   Over the years,  I have tried to stay fishing a fly, even while fishing under the ice.  During that time I’ve tried a number of patterns, and while many have caught fish, there is one that is my favorite.  I call the fly simply “Ice” and can be as productive as a bibbit on pan fish.    The most productive color combos are red/white, olive/white, pink/white and chartreuse/white and tied on #10 hook.

Pattern Recipe:

Thread: to match color of thorax

Hook: Mustad 3906b #12 – #6

Tail and Abs: white maraboo tip with 6 strands of crystal flash, then twist and wrap the rest of the maraboo 3/4 of the      way up the shank towards the eye.

Thorax: red/olive/pink/chartreuse maraboo twisted and wrapped.

If you would like a hand full of ‘Ice’ flies you can get them for a buck a fly until Jan. 22, 2012.




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