What on the vise? Jan. 23 2011

by Brian Zinger on January 24, 2012

The Picket Finn is an “Old School” pattern developed in the Adirondack and fished by all the legends of early Adirondack fishing.  Many contemporary fly fishers balk at such flies because modern tying techniques and materials make  more sophisticated looking flies.  As for me the Picket Finn, It’s one of my “Top 12” flies particularly in early spring when the small stone nymphs are crawling up snow banks at the rivers edge.  The simplicity of the ty and  it productivity on the water are reasons why I have plenty of these in my box.

Picket Finn

Hook: Mustad 3906b #12 -16

Thread: Black

Abdomen: Peacock herl

Wing: Grey Squirrel

Thorax and head: Ball of Peacock herl with head cement to cover

Note: I always tie weight into the fly, and beads on some, however I don’t like beads in early spring.  I do tie these with a rusty dubbing for abs and thorax .

Buck a Fly… As I have been doing, I’m offering Picket Finns all this week for a Buck a fly. Just let me know.



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