The versatile Hare’s Ear

by Brian Zinger on January 17, 2017

Hot Stove Hare's Ears

Hot Stove Hare’s Ears

At this weeks club get together, I am sticking to flies I need a ton of and in this case a couple of different variations to the original that are flies you’ve got to have. The Hare’s Ear nymph, tied traditionally, is great on it’s own as an aquatic mayfly nymph. However, there are a few variations to the pattern that can make it imitate a specific mayfly. One of my most productive variations is for the March Browns. By using a couple different materials and a change in the color of hare’s ear dubbing, I get a fly that represents the natural nymph more closely. The other variation we use in the Stream and Brook guide box is the Double D. This pattern tied by Dave Durovich has the same tying techniques as the hare’s ear, but again different materials that combined make a killer fly for trout and salmon.

I’ll be working on March Brown this week and following this recipe:

March Brown Nymph

Hook: Mustad 9671 #14 and 12

Thread: Orange

Tail:  3 pheasant tail fibers

Abs: amber hare’s ear

rib: light brown tread

Thorax: amber hare’s ear

Legs: partridge pulled over thorax

wing case: turkey tail segment, pulled over legs and cover 1/2 the body length.

copper bead: optional




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