The best for last

by Brian Zinger on April 11, 2016

This Wednesdays club meeting will probably be the last, unless there is enough interest in having another on the 27th. The weather has been so nice this past winter, that I didn’t get as much tying in as usual, so I’m a little behind. Never the less, I’ve saved the best of the top 12 for the last club meeting.  The 88.

If you look the 88 up, you’ll find that the original pattern was tied in Maine and has no resemblance to what I call the 88. The reason for this is that back when I was learning how to tie, my friend Paul “Brown Dog” Brown found the original pattern and wanted to tie it . Unfortunately he had very few of the materials needed to ty it according to the recipe. So we improvised and came up with a fly that looked nothing like the original and doesn’t imitate anything that naturally occurs. However, it is incredibly productive as an attractor pattern.   Once, trout start looking up for food is when the 88 really starts to be killer.

The 88 is best tied in sizes 10 and 12 and fished with a down and across cast. The fish will let you know how they want it, either letting the fly swing naturally across the current, or add a mend or two to get it down a bit and add some strips as it makes it swing  in the top 12 inches of the water column.



Hook: Mustad 9671 size 10 &12

Thread: camel or brown

Rib/abs: copper wire wound tight from bend to 2/3 of shank.

Thorax: a ball of olive floss

Wing: Natural mallard flank bent back over hook.

Legs: Over sized gizzly hackle.


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