Ring in the New Year with Pheasant tails

by Brian Zinger on December 31, 2016



Ring in the New Year with a full fly box.

Ring in the New Year with a full fly box.

Happy New Year!

This year, the 1st Wednesday evening of the new year is the opener to Fly Tying Season.  Once again,  The Castawayflies fly tying club will be gathering together to fill our fly boxes for the up coming year.  During these sessions I like to tie a fly that I know I will need plenty of. When you add it up the Pheasant tail nymph is one I know I’ll need many. 1) They are a killer trout catching fly because they imitate many small mayflies. 2) Small mayflies come in a variety of  sizes. Having PT’s in hook sizes ranging from 14 -24 is good. 3) PT’s are best fished on the river bottom. Losing a few to the river god’s is inevitable if you are fishing them correctly. 4) They are a productive winter pattern.  With my inventory the way it is, I need to get started tying asap.

PT’s can be tied in many ways that are productive, and I’m sure we’ll see a few Wednesday night. PT’s with a purple or blue thorax can be productive for winter steelhead.  Applying flash to the wing case, or spinning soft hackle for a collar of legs are really good options.  I feel that for year round fishing a more traditional approach is best. If I had to pick one, of all the varieties of PT’s that you can tie, I would use the recipe below. It’s the one I supply the Stream and Brook guide boxes with, you only need 5 materials that are easy to get and inexpensive.

Pheasant Tail Nymph

Hook: Mustad 9606 size 14 -24

Thread: black

Tail: 6 pheasant tail fiber tips

Rib: fine gold wire

Ab’s: 6 -10 pheasant tail fibers

Wing case: 6 -10 pheasant tail fibers

Legs: 6 -10 pheasant tail fibers tips

Thorax: peacock herl

Bead:black or gold (optional)

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