Gold Night

by Brian Zinger on February 11, 2016

gold nightThe specific receipe for the Gold stone nymphs that I mentioned below, and in the picture, has only been around for a couple of years but it is starting to find its way into more fly boxes and into the lips of more trouts.

Matt and Gerry twistin' up some gold

Matt and Gerry twistin’ up some gold

Attendees of last nights sesh of fly tying were Tim Hayes, Matt Farnham, John Synott, and joining us for the 1st time Gerry Nugent.  It was great see him and to listen to his contribute to the fish stories being told.    We where all there to tie Gold stonefly nymphs.  Much of the conversation revolved around our featured fly. We all agreed it is a “got to have” fly, regardless of the pattern being used to imitate the naturals.  Black stones are just as important and Chartreuse stones with purple legs can be the fly everyone wants because your buddy is upstream crushing steelies,  and he only one.

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