Get a lesson, give a lesson

by Brian Zinger on April 13, 2018

This has been a fun week of tying flies. Everything from dry flies for trout, tiny jigs for panfish too 7-9 inch streamers for anything that can eat one.

Kevin Ramerez stopped by Wednesday night for a lesson in not only how to tie these monstrous flies, but some knowledge on leader construction and knots that he uses to stand up large Pike and Musky.

Gave Aaron Shamp his fist lesson on tying dry flies. We tied a Royal Coachmen that was a “bucket list” fly for him and one I haven’t tied in awhile. Great teaching fly. He learned the skill of tying a hair wing and dividing it, also how to make wraps of hackle for the Catskill and Wulff style of this pattern.

Also, Shawn Giard supplied me with his annual supply of some little jig head hooks. He likes having a little feather and fur tied on in different color combos for spawning panfish. Happy to oblige and hope to get with him to bend the 3wt on some slabs for dinner.


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