Sept. 8. 2009

by Brian Zinger on September 8, 2009

I have been doing a bunch of guiding and fishing over the past few day in the southern part of the state and it’s been as great as the weather.  Even with bright sun sunshine during mid day.

Last even fellow guide John D. and I hit the lower part of the Lamoille to bend a rod on any thing that would take a dry.  We were both treated to a couple browns in the 15″ range as well as some fall fish and bass. A #14 Adams para did all the work for me.  Temps on some sections of the the big river have been approaching the 70 degree mark, but with cool night they are dropping back nicely by morning.  We have a few more nice days on tap and then some much needed precip by weeks end.  There have been a number of different hatches coming off, but the the fly the fish have really been interested in is the Iso’s. Parachutes, and nymphs to imitate have accounted for 90% of the fish caught, with black and green woolly buggers doing the rest of the damage.

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