Sept.26, 2009

by Brian Zinger on September 26, 2009

I had a hectic evening with shuttling the kids around to different events, however I was able to squeeze the last hour of light on the water.  I dropped into one of my favorite spots in the trophy section on the Lamoille.  As I approached I could see fish already crashing the surface.  There were multiple hatches going on. Two different sulphur hatches #12 & #16.a #14 tan caddis, #18 BWO’s, a few Iso’s and what appeared to be a white fly spinner fall. What to throw?  What to throw? I had an Adams parachute tied on already.  I threw that at the closest fish to see if I could get a take, also to continue to look for a larger fish.  I got nothing on the Adam’s.  As I was clipping the Adam off I observed the smaller sulphur’s on the water not being eaten.  I also observed a larger fish coming up about every 30 sec. on what I believed was the larger sulphur’s.  I switched up to a #14 SS Sulphur and made 4 progressively closer casts to him.  He would not move from his lie to get the fly.  The fifth cast I put right down the lane and he sucked it in much more subtle than his previous rises to the naturals. I strip set the hook and proceeded to have the best fight of the season and the best Brown of the season thus far. A  big ugly buck of 18+ inches was caught and released after 3 bull dog like runs and a long stand off at the net.  As I tried to gather myself, I saw another large fish launch itself from the water at the head of the pool. The sulphur hatches seamed to be waning along with the available light, the white fly spinners where still plentiful and that fish continued to leave the water to feed.  I switched up to a #12 White Wulff and got myself into position.  The fish moved to a different location while I was moving and was definitely on the spinners.  I made one timed cast and FISH ON!  This fish fought much differently than than 1st.  It spent  much time above the water at first and then thrashed around.  It was another slender 18+ inch Hen. By the time I released her the bats had invaded and made fishing impossible. What a fantastic twilight on the river.  Rivers around the state are in great shape right now, but we could be getting into a rainy week ahead starting tomorrow morning.  If we do get a bunch of water this week look for the Clyde to start fishing well for salmon.

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