Opening Day

by Brian Zinger on April 5, 2016



Opening day for the regular trout season is this Saturday April 9th.  With all the productive trout water that is open year round, it’s hard to say what opening day means. I guess it’s different for everyone.

Officially, it means that all trout waters state wide are open. It also means, that you can “catch and keep” and that most methods are acceptable. If you don’t know, VT Fish and Wildlife has a very useful tool on there web site for knowing specific regulations for every section of water with just a click of the mouse. Be sure you look it over before you go, because now a days there are special regulation for many stretches of the same river.

As for me, it’s just another day that I hope to get out and fool a couple into bending my rod. I unfortunately will not be able to attend the  8th Annual Otter Creek Classic again, however I want to wish all participants a fun and safe weekend, and a special good luck to all the Stream and Brook Guides.

black back caseIf you are looking to get some of the flies that the Stream and Brook boys will be using on opening day and when they take clients out, your in luck. I will be putting a case, full of the flies we use, at the Black Back Pub in Waterbury.  I just got the case so I hope to have there in a week or two. Stop in and look over the flies you should have, while enjoying some great food and a local brew.

If you were reading this post to get some in site as to what specific flies will give you the best chance to win the classic, or have a productive opening day, you’ll have to wait until next week as I’ve been sworn to secrecy until after the tourney. Then I’ll  tell you what I know.  Go have some fun.

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