Oct 7, 2009

by Brian Zinger on October 7, 2009

October is a month that I really struggle with my motto, “If you can’t fish…HUNT, If you can’t hunt…Fish!” I’ve been doing more hunting lately with two grouse to show. The significance of these two birds is that my Choc. Lab Hershey has finally “got it”. Both birds were flushed and retrieved by her.

Back to fishing.  Reports from our guides are that conditions have been changing from day to day. We have had a bunch of overcast skies and it has been raining about every other day.  Rivers levels are a bit over average and the inch of rain we are expecting today will make conditions change for the worse short term.  Good days have revolved around BWO’s. Dunn’s have been coming off around 1pm.  SS Olives, Pheasant tails and copper johns have been productive flies before, during and after the hatch.  This trend should continue over the next couple of days. The weekend will bring in some colder weather which means late afternoon fishing is advised.  We are at peak for fall foliage, so another variable to your fishing will be the leaves in the water. They can shut your day down quick.  Once the leaves are gone I’ll be looking to get out after some salmon and big browns.  I will be in the Adirondacks at the Gladstone house (info on house is below) with friends for the last few days of NY fishing season.  I may have one more report before I go.

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