May 15, 2009

by Brian Zinger on May 15, 2009

Most rivers are back in good shape today. There is a chance for T-storms tomorrow evening/night that hopefully won’t do what the last on did.  Yesterday, I finally got the chance to go fishing with John Doty. John is a neighborhood friend, and we’ve have been talking about getting out for many years.  John had never fly fished before, so I told him to leave is spinning rod home. I took him to Lewis Creek to see if we could hook up on some small mouth bass.

There isn’t too much to fishing these Bass if they are there. A simple across stream cast with a weighted woolly bugger(change colors until you figure out what they like), let it swing deep into a hole and retrieve the fly in different ways until you figure how they are going to take it. After a 30 min. casting lessen which wasn’t very fun with the high winds. John was doing everything well enough to catch fish but he only managed a couple of follows and I landed a 3 pounder to start.  It started to rain so John said let me bag up my camera…I said thats probably our problem. John is a very good photographer and we where hopeing to get some pictures, but we didn’t see many fish and where wern’t very successful blind casting, so with the rain increasing John decided to put the camera in the truck.  We proceeded to fish and wouldn’t you know it…we started picking up fish.  We had a great time picking up fish from 2 to 5lbs. until about 2pm.  I always say I need to bring a scale to the river while catching these bass and wish I had one yesterday or at least that camera. I caught one yeasterday that when I handed it to John he said “that is easily over 6 lbs”. We also observsed the 1st March Brown in a size 10.  If you need anything to match that hatch. I’ve got you covered.

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