May 12,2009

by Brian Zinger on May 12, 2009

When the Streams and Brook are unfishable due to heavy rain, there are still many options for fishing in VT.  Normally, on days like today, I would go to a pond or lake to fish trout, however today I decided to do something different. Today I went on my 1st “Big Game” fishing experience with one of my partners at Stream and Brook, Drew Price.  What a different experience it was… Right from the start we paddled a 14 foot canoe around Shelburn Bay standing up.  We weren’t casting, we glassing the water for for Carp and Bowfin in shallow water and flooded timber.  The goal was to spot a fish and slowly approach to within a rods lenght to drop a heavily weighted woolly bugger or large nymph to the nose of the fish and jig it.  We failed to spot any carp and I hooked up with 2 bowfin only landed one, and Drew missed one.  Catching one of these fish is so exciting, manly because it all happens right next to the canoe.  Also because these fish explode on a fly, and then fight like a pit bull. They only make short runs, but they give visious head shakes and splash and twist. I plan on spending more time with Drew to learn more about catching these odd ball species on a fly.

My 1st Male Bowfin 3 1/2lbs.

photo Drew Price

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