Hexed by Hexagenia

by Brian Zinger on July 2, 2012

I ade my way up to Joe’s Pond Friday evening to fish with my good friend Kevin Johnson, who called me last week ,when we had that really hot weather,  to let me know the Hex hatch was on.  Well,  as usual I can’t just drop everything, so I couldn’t get up there right away. By the time I got up there it was right after 3 days of rain and much cooler temps.  The hatch never materialized, but we did manage a couple bass and perch caught on emergers.  This scenario happens to me quit often, due to my proximity to where the hatch comes off and work life situation.  For those of you who would like to get on these enormous mayflies and the large fish that come to them, I have learned a couple things about being there with the best chance of a hatch.  One, the hatch generally starts when strawberries start to be picked. Two,  the best hatches occur during stretches of hazy, hot and humid days.  Three, The worst time to have a hatch is during or just after rain and big cool downs.  The hatch it’s over on some lakes/ponds until mid July so it’s not over yet and I will be back .















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