Go Big or Go Home.

by Brian Zinger on May 1, 2014


Megog Smelt

Megog Smelt

Until spring hatches start making fish start looking up for there food, stick to the big and colorful.  This time of year , fish are coming out of there winter doldrums and begin to spawn and feed.  Due to low insect activity, fish must feed on a limmited menu. Baitfish, crayfish and eggs from spawning fish make up the majority of the morsels available.  There are nymphs available, but not as much as there will be in the coming weeks.  If you are fishing nymphs, go big.  Large black/gold/brown stone fly nymphs  are good producers right now as well as Hare’s ears and Princes of a large variety.  Woolly bugger in muultipale colors will generally cover the baitfish and crayfish end of the equation. Glo bug and sucker spawn in in beige, peach and chartreuse will serve you well for eggs.  Picture above are a couple Megog Smelt patterns that I tied for for a friend going to Maine.  I’ve got a couple other LL salmon trolling patterns that I’ll be sending along.

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