Can’t Fish…Hunt! Can’t Hunt…Fish!

by Brian Zinger on November 3, 2012

That’s a moto that I live by from Oct. – Dec.. Just because the reg. season has closed, doesn’t mean you can’t fish. In fact, if you don’t hunt, fishing has been great and there are still waters that are open year round CR/ALO. For those of you who don’t hunt, and wish you could fish all your favorite water year round. There has been much talk about an “Off season” license. Still CR/ALO, but for anglers willing to gear up when temps are freezing, could be a good thing for all involved. If you are interested in such a license let Fish and Wildlife know. As for me, I turn my sights to hunting, however that doesn’t mean I won’t fish. I always hope to score early so I can do other things. It would be great to continue fly fishing on my favorite water.
As for weather, SS Sandy continues to effect our weather. I have recieved just under an inch of rain in Westford, from 5 days of Sandy.
Nothing heavy here, but the Browns River and Lamoille in Fairfax are up and dirty. Now that she is pulling away we will be getting some of the chillest weather of the season with snow possible over the weekend.
Salmon and Steelhead fishing has been on fire where you can find open water with good clarity. Nymphs have ruled over streamers. Small BHCopper Johns, BHGoldstones and Hare’s ears.
My reports will become even more infrequent, but I will let you know if I’ve been out and what I know and hear. Make sure to check out the my Fly Tying Club this winter. This is when I do 90% of my fly tying for individual clients and Stream and Brook Guide Service looking to stock up for next year. It’s your opertunity to get flies our guides use for a “Buck a Fly”.

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