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March is Military Appreciation Month

by Brian Zinger on March 6, 2017

March is Military Appreciation Month at Stream and Brook Fly Fishing Guide Service. With the safe return of ALL Vermont National Guards and the Green Mountain Boys from their recent overseas mission, Stream and Brook would like to show our appreciation and say thanks to all service personnel. During the month of March, we are offering $25 off per person to all the men and women who are active or veterans of the United States Military and their families when they book a trip for the 2017 fishing season. Give us a call or email Brian Zinger Phone: 802-989-0398 Email: [email protected] or Brian Cadoret Phone: 802-989-3510 Email: [email protected]
Let us help plan a fun and relaxing day of fishing, in some of the most beautiful places that you help protect. #america

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Things are happening early and fast

by Brian Zinger on April 21, 2016

beast for last

Our last fly tying night was fun. There was only 3 but we made the best of it.  I was in 88 mode. I discussed changing the name to 87 because it really bares no resemblance to the original and no matter how much I think is is just as good as the story, I have to give respect. Craig and Tim weren’t buying all that so they twisted up Catskill Style Adams  and some early season bass and pike flies.


Some of S&B's stable of guides

Some of S&B’s stable of guides

We held our Stream and Brook guide BBQ last Sunday in New Haven. We had a great time reacquainting, breaking bread and sharing some of last falls harvest.  There were lots of stories and laughs to go with them. There was also a very short segment on business for 2016 fishing season as well as some gear exchange  , then it was of to go fishing. River temps that day were 48 on the otter and 49 0n the winooski. Levels were up but fishable.

Rivers are in tip top shape right now. There has been some reports of Hendricksons hatching, Some of the designated trophy trout sections have already been stocked, and big river temps are 50+.  All of these things don’t occur usually until the 1st or 2nd week of May.  So things are happening ahead of schedule, due to the mild winter and extremely tranquil last week.

I’m headed to Lake Ontario for the weekend. This is 2 weeks later than usual for our annual ice out football shaped brown trout trip, that just means some changes in strategies and maybe a few spring kings in the mix.  I”ll let you know how we make out.



2016 Opening weekend

April 11, 2016

The opening weekend of trout season kicked off over the weekend and it was pretty typical. Snow, wind, cold water temps(high 30″s), off colored water and low catch count. I got out Yesterday afternoon, when it warmed up to 30, with Tim Hayes of We hit the Lamoille river system from Fairfax to Jeffersonville.  […]

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Opening Day

April 5, 2016

  Opening day for the regular trout season is this Saturday April 9th.  With all the productive trout water that is open year round, it’s hard to say what opening day means. I guess it’s different for everyone. Officially, it means that all trout waters state wide are open. It also means, that you can […]

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Top Flies for Winter Trout

November 22, 2014

November 22nd, 2014     In Vermont,  just stepping out side during the winter can be a daunting thought, let alone planning a trip to the river to take a shot at catching some lethargic trout .  For example right now it is 33 degrees out with winds gusting to 26mph. That’s putting wind chills […]

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What working?

May 23, 2014

The fly on the right is a Early Quill Emerger. I’ve been using this fly for years. I originally tied it to imitate emerging Hendricksons and Quill Gordons.  It’s best fished in the slower riffles before and during the Hatch.  Sometime, fish are feeding on the emerger at the surface.  So even with rising fish […]

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