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The beginning, but the end

by Brian Zinger on April 16, 2019

With the beginning of the 2019 trout season comes the end to the 2019 Cast Away flies, hot stove fly tying club meetings. Tomorrow evening will be the last time we’ll get together at Earthlogic to make creature creations to fool fish. Now is the time when we can put all the hours behind a vise this winter to use. We twisted up a ton of flies over the past 4 months so now we can just go fishing. I’ll still be tying on my own, particularly on days I can’t go fishing. Hopefully I can get the gang together for a pre Ditch Pickle meeting to get ready for that event.

One of the reasons that I will continue to tie is that I just received a couple of orders with flies I don’t have in inventory. No problem, I’m always happy to get people folks the flies they need. If you find yourself in need of flies, give me a call, I’ll get them ready and out to you.

One of the flies I’ve got to tie for my friend, Don Martin, is a brown stone fly nymph. I know there are brown stone flies, but I have only ever fished/tied gold and black. He said he never fishes gold. He loves brown and black for steelies when he fishes the tribs of Lake Ontario. So, I’m going to tie up some browns for myself as well and fish them this year, and he is going to give gold a try. I tie all stones the same way just change the colors of body parts.

Brown Stone nymph

hook: size 8-12 curved stone fly hook

thread: 6/0 brown

antenna/tail: brown goose biots

rib: thin copper wire

legs : brown/orange rubber

wing case: thin skin

abs/thorax: med brown dub



It’s getting close.

by Brian Zinger on April 2, 2019

Spring will be here soon. The opener for VT regular season of trout is just 2 Saturdays away on April 13th. We’ve been having longer and warmer days. The snow is melting and the sweet smell of sugar shacks boiling liquid gold is in the air. Mud season is in full gear, and we are getting down to the last couple of fly tying night for the boys and girls of the castawayflies winter gang. Now is when we transition from tying time to fishing time.  The time when we can take all of our creature creations that we produced by the wood stove on wicked cold nights, and put them to good use fooling fish and getting that tug that many haven’t felt since the fall.

Hopefully we will be able to have two more sessions before everyone would rather be on the water.   I’d like to also get a session before the Ditch Pickle Classic to get some extra flies ready for that tournament.   What important right now is that I get ready for the early season of trout.  This week I’ll be tying a fly that doesn’t work, particularly in the early season.  I don’t know why I keep them in my box. Maybe cause I like the name and the creator.  The fly is the Double D. This year I’m putting some UV into the thorax to make it even less productive.



Change of Venue

March 19, 2019

Instead of meeting at Earthlogic tomorrow evening, some of the castaway fly tying crew will be heading to the Jericho Cafe and Tavern. I’ve been going there for years for there amazing food and spirits, so it will be nice to do that and twist up some flies with friends. At JCaT I will be […]

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3Rivers Minnow

March 5, 2019

This Wednesday at Earthlogic, I’ll be tying up 3 River minnows. I have not been fortunate enough to go to the 3 Rivers Lodge in Labrador to fish for giant brook trout, however I have been fortunate enough to fish with Robin Reeve, the owner of 3 rivers lodge , a couple of times over […]

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Slump Busted

February 21, 2019

  Small showing at last night. Thankfully Jamie showed to give Aaron and I a little insight on tying up Slumpbusters. These are zonker style streamers that can be tied in a variety of ways and catch a number of different species. Aaron did some homework, he had a different way of securing the rabbit […]

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If the weather has you down, bust your slump

February 17, 2019

This week the club is back on home turf at the Earthlogic building in Essex. This week Jamie Eisenberg will show us a fly that was very productive for her last year, the Slump buster. It’s a zonker style fly that has a ton of action and a larger profile, like a woolly bugger. If […]

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