Which fly should I use?

by Brian Zinger on February 15, 2015


Recently, I held a meeting with some of our guides. The topic was flies, focusing on  which flies should be tied to make absolutely sure that we have, in our box, what we need to give our clients the best opportunity to get action.  We discussed flies for all the species that we fish. Many thoughts were shared, including specifics on materials, color, sizes, and the right way to fish them.  It was a great discussion. We all walked away learning something from each other.

The flies listed below are what we believe are the best patterns for everyday trout fishing during the season. Included in our box will be hatch specific pattern, which are rotated in as they become important to the fish.  Terrestrials, such as ants and hoppers, will be present much of the season.


  • Gold and Black Stoneflies (8 and 12)
  • Red Headed Princes ( 10, 12,14)
  • Hare’s Ears (10,12,14)
  • Pheasant Tails (14-20)
  • Zug Bugs (10 and 12)
  • San Juan worms (14)


  • 88 (10 and 12)
  • Lamoille River Muskrat (14 and 16)
  • Soft Hackle Pheasant Tail (14 – 18)


  • Parachute Adams ( 12 -18)
  • Ausable Wulff (12-14)
  • X-caddis (12 -14)
  • Stimulators (8 -12)


  • Woolly Buggers- White/White, Olive/Black, Rainbow/Dunn
  • Muddler Minnow (6 – 12)

Best stoke up the stove and get busy!




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