Top Flies for Winter Trout

by Brian Zinger on November 22, 2014

November 22nd, 2014

fly horn



In Vermont,  just stepping out side during the winter can be a daunting thought, let alone planning a trip to the river to take a shot at catching some lethargic trout .  For example right now it is 33 degrees out with winds gusting to 26mph. That’s putting wind chills in the teens.  Our morning air temps have been in the upper teens for the past few days which has cause some ice to form on a few of our area rivers.    This is probably not a good day to get out for comfort and safety.  Over the next several day we are expected to have above avg temps with Monday and Tuesday in the 50’s.  This kind of weather will put fishing opportunities back in our favor and could produce some BWO action.


When conditions are right, the flies above are the flies Stream and Brook guides tie on the most for catching chilly day trout. From Left to right is;  Red Headed Prince, Pheasant tail nymph, Zug Bug, Black Stone nymph, Gold Stone Nymph, Chartruse and Pink soft hackle emerger, Loop Wing Olive emerger, San Jaun worm, Muddler Minnow, and White Woolly buggers.






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