Save the worms!

by Brian Zinger on December 27, 2014


San Juan Worms

San Juan Worms


Our slogan at Stream and Brook Fly fishing is “Save the worms”.  That doesn’t mean we think that worms are becoming endangered or that we think  worm fishing should be banned.  Quit the contrary.  We recognize how much fish love to eat worms. We all started out fishing worms because it was easy, free bait and productive.  “Save the worms” is just a little catch phrase to promote the business and hopefully entice folks to try something new and challenging.

While we are primarily a fly fishing guide service, we occasionally have some younger clients who just want to catch fish, so drowning worms or swinging spinners is well with in what we do.  I personally haven’t fished with garden hackle (fly fishermen lingo for earth worms) in many years.  However, I have been learning about aquatic worms and the virtue of imitating them.

San Juan worm is the name of a popular fly to fish in the south west.  It imitates the large population of aquatic worms in some of there rivers.  over the past several years, I’ve learned that we have aquatic worms in our rivers and lakes and that by simply securing a  stretch of  pink, red or tan/brown colored chenille  to a small hook you can fool fish in the north east.  I’ve found they work best tied with a gold bead and fished when food sources are  limited. Mid fall through early Spring.

Right now is a great time to fish San Juan worms. You can get them for a buck a fly until 3/31/15




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