Fly tying season

by Brian Zinger on December 28, 2018

Every year the fishing seasons come to an end, then hunting seasons comes to an end, then the Holiday season comes to an end and that’s when fly tying season begins. It’s the time when day light is at it shortest and air temperatures are at their coldest. It’s a great time of year to put another log in the stove and starting heating up the vise to get ready for next fishing season, which could be next week chasing steelie depending on your passion.



I’ve already started working on woolly buggers. Bugger are flies that are productive in many different colors and if you fish them tight to the bottom you loose a bunch. Also, they are a fly I like to tie in a mini version, size 12 &14. Picture are my favorite 4. It’s an an easy fly to get some rust off and get back in production mode. I have always tied them with 3 strands of crystal flash in the tail. This year I’m going to try different colors of flashabou can make a good fly better. I’ve noticed many anglers the days going away from buggers and opting more for zonker type flies.

The Castawayfly club will start getting into the season spirt beginning this year on Wednesday January 9th. This will be the 3rd year that club has been meeting at the Earthlogic building. If you are novice or experienced Tyer and have a portable light and materials to tie fly, and you can make it to Essex , you’re more than welcome to join us . No fee, just fun tying and talking fishing. Please contact me for more information. If you are a beginner and would like lessons. We can set something up for sure.

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