You can’t beat a red headed prince

by Brian Zinger on January 21, 2019

Last weeks trip to the Blackback Pub for fly tying night was a treat. I’m looking forward to similar changes of venue in the future. This Wednesday it’s back to the home court and tying flies you gotta have. If you are going to bounce flies on the bottom, you have to give a red headed prince a work out. I’ll be giving my vise a work out tying these bad boys up.

Red Headed Prince

Hook- mustad 3906b

Thread- red

Tail- 2 divided furnace goose biot

Abdomen & thorax- peacock herl

Rib- copper wire

Wing- 2 divided white goose biot

Legs- lg furnace neck hackle

Head- red thread

Optional- gold bead, wraps of no tox wire weight

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