by Brian Zinger on April 2, 2018

This Wednesday I’ll be tying the X-caddis. The X-caddis is a pattern I found out about around 20 years ago during the 2nd Winooski River Duel Fly Duel. I was not in the 1st year of the duel, so I wasn’t privy to the fly that kicked ass that first year. Every returning contestant had an X-caddis as one of their two flies the 2nd year. Needless to say the top 3 finishers killed with the x-caddis and I finished 4th with an 88 and a Snow shoe.

Now that I have been aware of the virtues of this fly, I carry plenty in size16-12. I only tie it in one color because in the years that I have worked them the olive version stands out and can be fished before, during and after any hatch of caddis. It truly covers them all and when allowed to pluck under on the swing makes for a great egg layer.

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