What’s on the vise? Feb 7th 2012

by Brian Zinger on February 7, 2012

I received a large fly order last week.  In the order is a fly that brings me back to the best 45 min. I’ve spent on the water.  It happened  after fishing 4 hours on the West Branch Ausable without a take.  During that 4 hours, there were 3 different bugs hatching.  I threw two dozen flies and only saw 2 risers.  I left the river pretty befuddled and figured I would just head home.  On the way I drove past a spot I always wanted to try, and no one was there.  As I looked over the water from the top of the bank, I noticed a caddis hatch that I hadn’t seen previously.  I decided to give it a try.  As I approached the water, I notice more adult caddis and no surface activity.  I thought this might be a good time to try some of the Green Sparkle Pupa’s I recently tied for just such a hatch.  The next 45min. brought 6 fish the the #16, all Brown’s all over 16 inches with the largest a 24in. beauty.  This fly doesn’t make my top 12, but it does take up much room in my fly box.

Green Sparkle Pupa

Hook: Mustad 3906b favorite sizes 14 & 16

Thread: Black

Abdomen: Dark Green Antron LaFontaine style.

Wing: Deer hair

Head: small ball of black Antron

Until 2/12/2012 I am offering Green Sparkle Pupa’s for a Buck A Fly. Just let me know how many and what sizes.

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