Whats on the Vise? Feb. 15,2012

by Brian Zinger on February 15, 2012


Red Headed Prince

This weeks fly is a “gotta have” nymph/wet fly.  As a guide I carry plenty of them all year long, mainly in size 12 and 10.  Add a red thread head and you’ve made a good fly great.  I started tying them with red heads when I read that Joe Humphreys tied red heads to indicate that he had weighted the fly.  I still fished traditional black head princes that were unweighted, for the next 2 years the red headed prince out performed the black,  particularly on the Winooski! Since then I have only used red headed Princes  The nice thing about Princes, is that you can catch fish in all levels of the water column.  I catch most of my fish at the end of the drift as the fly lifts off the bottom or swings to the bank.  For this reason I consider the Prince to be as much a wet fly as a nymph.

For all of these reasons I will be at the vise for the next several days tying something in the neighborhood of  100 Red Headed Princes.  If you would like any now is the time.  Red Headed Princes for just a Buck until Feb. 22nd.

Pattern Recipe:

Hook: Mustad 3906B or 9671 with a bead, sizes 14,12,10

Thread: Red

Tail: Brown goose biot

Abs/Thorax: 3 or 4 Peacock Herls twisted

Rib:  med. gold wire

Legs: 3 wraps of Furnace Hackle

Wing: White Goose Biot

Head: Red Tread or gold bead



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