Muddling with Muddlers

by Brian Zinger on January 30, 2017

This Wednesday eve, I will be tying a fly that has been muddled with a bunch since it’s traditional tied many years ago. I hardly ever see a Muddler Minnow in in the fly box of fellow fly fishers any more. . If they do have them, they are usually tied with a bunch of flash or bright colors. All of that is just fine. I’m sure they’ll catch fish…or do they. I think I’m just like everyone else, if someone tells me they caught fish, I like to get some detail and always ask what flies where productive. I never hear the word muddler.

I on the other hand I use muddlers frequently. They are in my “Top 12”. I tie them up traditionally with good reason. Many waters in VT, around the country and probably around the world have Sculpin living in them.  These small minnows live among the rocks on the bottom of the body of water. They are drab in color, mostly mottled shades of brown to camouflage themselves with  their environment. Thus the traditional pattern is perfect for imitating these abundant morsels and I have caught a bunch of trout on them over the years.

Muddler Minnow

Hook: Mustad 9671 #8 and #12

Thread :camel

Tail: Tom Turkey tail section

Body: med. gold tinsel

Wing: Tom Turkey tail section

Head: Spun deer hair.

Cone head is optional

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