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by Brian Zinger on May 14, 2017

Copper John

If you don’t know me, I’m not a social media guy. I’m not a computer guy! The reason why, you ask? I spent much time fishing and hunting as a young man and not keeping up with technology. I am getting better and I really want to learn, but the time I spend writing a post, I could be fishing. Anyway, I love to give back when I can, so I’ll keep learning and posting stuff I hope everyone enjoys reading.

deer hair bass/pike flies

The fly club got together finally this past Wednesday. Everyone was tying bass and pike flies. There I sat tying #16 copper johns. I’m still trying to fill some last minute orders for trout and add to my own trout box. I eventually tied a couple poppers for lake and pond bass fishing. I’ve been doing more bass and pike fishing over the years. John Synnott and I have joined up once again for the Ditch Pickel Classic as team Castaway. We’ll be looking to back up our 6 place rookie season last year, so I will be putting some quality time into bass flies soon.


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