King of Princes

by Brian Zinger on March 21, 2016

I’ll be tying Red Headed Princes at this Wednesday fly tying get together. The prince nymph should be call king nymph, because it stands on top as my favorite nymph pattern.  While it doesn’t imitate any naturals very well,  it is attractive to a variety of fish and out produces any nymph year round.  It most closely imitates the Isonychia nymph and it along with a zug bug should have a huge presents in you fly box during the hatch.

The Prince, particularly a Red Headed Prince, is obviously in the my Top 12.  There are many colorful princes that work, but a traditionally tied prince with a simple red thread head out performs them all. Don’t know what it is, maybe the same thing as using hunter orange thread for a head on an Ausable Wulff.

Red Headed Prince 

Hook: Mustad 9671 sizes 10 -16 (10 & 12 are most productive)

Thread :red

Tail: furnace goose biot forked with a red thread ball.

Abs & Thorax: Peacock Herl

rib: med. gold wirw

legs: 4 wraps of brown neck hackle

wings: 2 white goose biots forked over the back.

Bead head optional.

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