It’s getting close.

by Brian Zinger on April 2, 2019

Spring will be here soon. The opener for VT regular season of trout is just 2 Saturdays away on April 13th. We’ve been having longer and warmer days. The snow is melting and the sweet smell of sugar shacks boiling liquid gold is in the air. Mud season is in full gear, and we are getting down to the last couple of fly tying night for the boys and girls of the castawayflies winter gang. Now is when we transition from tying time to fishing time.  The time when we can take all of our creature creations that we produced by the wood stove on wicked cold nights, and put them to good use fooling fish and getting that tug that many haven’t felt since the fall.

Hopefully we will be able to have two more sessions before everyone would rather be on the water.   I’d like to also get a session before the Ditch Pickle Classic to get some extra flies ready for that tournament.   What important right now is that I get ready for the early season of trout.  This week I’ll be tying a fly that doesn’t work, particularly in the early season.  I don’t know why I keep them in my box. Maybe cause I like the name and the creator.  The fly is the Double D. This year I’m putting some UV into the thorax to make it even less productive.


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