Gold Stonefly nymph

by Brian Zinger on February 8, 2016

BH Gold Stonefly

BH Gold Stonefly

I’m only going to concentrate on one fly this week, mostly because it is so time consuming. I usually only ty flies that take 10 minutes or less , but I will make exceptions when the fly is high on productivity.  Stonefly nymphs are that important that I’ll make the exception. Gold stones are really productive on the Otter and it’s tribs.  Many of patterns have been tied to represent the naturals, however our guides have started to use a fly that is tied up with this recipe;

BH Gold Stonefly Nymph
Hook: You favorite stone/stimulator curved hook sizes 8 -12

Thread: Brown

Tail:  forked furnace goose biot

Abdomen & Thorax: Hareline Ice Dub UV Shrimp pink or tan

Wing Case and Ab case: Thick Skin natural

Rib: gold wire

Legs: sili legs barred orange

Antenna:Yellow goose biot
Head: copper bead

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Jim Hogle February 12, 2016 at 7:26 pm

Can you give me some more information about the thick skin material used for the wing case and abdomen? It looks like it has a lot of flash built in. I have looked at sites of several vendors on-line and have found somethings that look like maybe they are what you are referring to but not sure.

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