Forget top 12…How about top 6.

by Brian Zinger on February 14, 2017

I’m always talking about my “Top 12″ flies for 365 day a year trout fishing. I believe if your box only consisted of these 12 flies, in various sizes, that you would stand as good a chance of catching trout, as anybody on any day. Some of these flies are great tied in different color combos as well as size. It’s tough to put them in any order from 1-12, however I think most people would agree that a Woolly Bugger would be in their top 6. Woolly buggers are definitely a pattern that fits the mold of having different colors and size. I believe that a grizzly palmered black woolly is most productive. Different times of the year I also like Olive and Black, Rootbeer and all white woollies. I don’t carry a bunch of sizes, however I think tying them 3+” and 1/2″ long is good. Since they are almost always fished on or close to the bottom, I have to tie a ton of them for Stream and Brook guides, as well as clients who know the value of this pattern.   All of the above makes Woolly Buggers the fly of the week, so at this weeks club event thats what I will be doing.

Grizzly/Black Woolly Bugger

Hook: Mustad 79550 #8 4x, 9671 #12

Thread: Black

Tail: Black Maraboo w/ 3 strands of Flashaboo

Body: Black chennile w/Grizzly saddle hackle palmered .

Black bead is optional, but fly should be weighted.

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