Fly Tying Night, January 27,2016

by Brian Zinger on January 30, 2016

Fly Tying Night is held on the 2nd and 4th Wednesday of each month. It’s a time when Stream and Brook guides and friends can get together at one time for some camaraderie and most of all tying flies. There are lots of fish stories told, fish issues discussed but most of all flies tied and shared.

The winter is the perfect time to tie, because it’s dark most of the time, cold and the fishing isn’t great.   Now is the time to stock your fly box , so you don’t have to when there is more day light and air temps are comfortable and the fishing is great.


Hot Stove Hare's Ears

Hot Stove Hare’s Ears

This past Wednesday, Tim Hayes and Matt Farnham joined me. We decided to stay on the bottom with Gold ribbed Hare’s Ears and Woolly Buggers. Both flies need to have a huge presents in your box. Tim and I were doing the Hare’s Ears.  We tie them differently but understand there importance as a may fly nymph imitation. Tim ties his very traditionally with gold tinsel for a rib and pheasant tail fiber wing case. I use gold wire and black swiss straw. We believe any size hook is a good size, but got to have sizes 12 -16. We used natural Hare’s mask clippings, imitations tied in different colors can also be productive depending on the hatch your trying to match.  Bead head and non bead patterns should tied. Sometimes fish want them in different parts of the water column, even on the surface.  My belief is that so many people fish bead head, by the time the fall comes around, the fish have seen them or been caught by them so often that a more natural imitation is more productive.

Matt is just getting started tying for the season and whats the 1st fly he twists up?  A woolly bugger. One of the most important flies for trout and bass. It’s a great fly to get the rust off as you only need 3 matterials.  This is another fly that catches fish in just about every color. I believe that all buggers should be tied “two tone”. Most important are black/grizzly, olive/ black, white/white.  Many people think woolly buggers need to be tied big,  however in the Fran Betters tradition a mini bugger is killer tied in size 12.

Black Griz woolly bugger

A subject that has been getting much air is Tim’s new project that is now available to every one. Tim is the co-founder of Rippled Waters. It is a web site which has products specific to fishing, but can be used for other applications.  The one that everyone can use and is free is the “Trip Planner”  This product is free and very useful  for anyone who is always planning trips with multiple participants. It doesn’t have to be a fishing trip. It can be for hunting, camping, vacation. Anything where coordinating and keeping everyone informed of an event is important. No more back and forth phone calls, emails or text. Everyone on the invite list can update the trip info. It becomes a one stop location for everything involved in planning your trip. Surf on over to  to see if this is something that will be useful for you.

Rippled Waters

Rippled Waters

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