Can’t have enough nymphs

by Brian Zinger on January 25, 2019

The most productive way of catching trout is with nymphs. Whether they imitate a specific hatch or an attractor pattern, the ability to fish them well is key to bringing more fish to the net. Two that are important and I have been tying recently are a Red Headed Prince and March Brown nymph.

Growing up in Pennsylvania, Joe Humphrey has been an idol to me. Many of my strategies and methods for catching trout evolved from reading his book. “trout tactics ” . One of the things he did that made science to me was to use red tread to indicate that the fly was weighted. Over time of doing the same thing. I noticed the red thread prince out performed the the traditional black more so than other nymphs that I tried the same experiment. So now now I fish princes with a red head weighted or not.

March Brown nymphs are important because trout love them. The right patten and the right size can be killer. If you can tie a hare’s ear you can tie a good imitation of a March Brown nymph. Amber dubbing a larger wing case and pronounced legs are the difference.

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