Caddis week

by Brian Zinger on March 19, 2018

There is an aquatic species that is abundant in VT and available to trout in one form or another all season long. Caddis flies don’t get the glamor of Mayflies. After the Hendrickson’s and March Browns have come and gone there will still be caddis.

Trout love caddis flies in all phases of their life cycle. Hatches of caddis are mark by violent surface takes of adults that are emerging or coming back from the foliage to lay eggs. While there is no surface action, trout feed on the larva and pupa of the species that are mostly encased in some type of fine substrate debris. Trout will eat the case and larva right off the rocks.

I’ve already been tying caddis imitations and plan to tie them this week when the fly tying club gets together. These are mostly simple to construct flies, however because there is such a variety you need several colors and sizes to match the hatch.

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