3Rivers Minnow

by Brian Zinger on March 5, 2019

This Wednesday at Earthlogic, I’ll be tying up 3 River minnows. I have not been fortunate enough to go to the 3 Rivers Lodge in Labrador to fish for giant brook trout, however I have been fortunate enough to fish with Robin Reeve, the owner of 3 rivers lodge , a couple of times over the past several years in the Adirondacks.The 1st time we we met he showed me a fly that he suggested I start to fish. He had no name for it, but for the next couple days he showed me why he has so much confidence in it.

I have dozens of flies that I have confidence in and get me through a day of fishing. I attained some of these flies initially out of a book or magazine trying to gain new skills or techniques. The other way, was from friends and other fishermen who showed me a fly they like and showed me why they like it on the water actually catching fish. Now a days that’s the only way I tie a new fly. I have to be shown how well it catches fish. The 3 river minnow is a fly that I have shared, like all of the flies I tie, with friends, guides and anyone who reads anything I write. The folks that have fished it have given great feedback and keep plenty in there box.

The oringinal pattern is as simple as it gets. I like a fly that is simple and productive. I’ve added one other material that I believe makes it more productive and makes it more of something that I own.  This year I am going to add one more material to make them two tone and add variety. we’ll see how that goes.

3 River Minnow

*Hook: Mustad #12 9671

*Thread: white

*Tail: single grizzly neck hackle

*Body: 1 white marabou wrapped around the shank while pushing fibers back.

new this year is a different color marabou feather wrapped in front of the white one.

*Shoulder/eye: mallard flank tented over the top.

*bead head

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