Sept. 3, 2009

by Brian Zinger on September 3, 2009

Yesterday I had the privilege to guide Jim Schweithelm, a local man, who’s wife was kind enough to book a the trip for him.  Jim wanted to sharpen his casting skills and learn small stream fishing strategies.  Jim is left handed, but explained he thought he could cast better with his right.  We started where the Dod Team Tavern used to be on the New Haven River to work on casting skills. After about a half hour of working on casting with his left hand he put the rod in his right hand and sure enough he could cast better with his right.  We spent most of the day on the New Haven where the TLC was 60, low and clear at noon. The fish were not very active until we started swinging an 88 through the deeper pools. One fish that Jim landed was a beautiful 11″ brown that had a store bought #6 Eagle Claw hook with the mono loop leader attached, buried deep in it’s throat.  The only thing I could do was to snip the leader and loop that was sticking out of his mouth.  He was feeding when we caught him, so we set him back in great shape.

Sticking with the small stream experience we ventured up the Middlebury River for some brook trout fishing with dry flies.  Jim noticed right a way that things were bit claustrophobic. We had fun watching 2 to 4 inch brookies smash and slash at our Stimulators and Ausable Wulff’s.  We also had fun getting flies out of trees, tangles un-done, and retrieving a hat that got blown in the water.  I was surprised that we were unable to see any fish over 4 inches.  Due to that, we decided to leave the small fish and small river to possibly catch a hatch and bigger fish.  I knew the Otter was going to have plenty of water, however I also knew it would have good Clarity, so we would stand a good chance to get fish on inside the heavy flow and in eddies. Neither one happened…We did have a couple short strikes.  When this river comes down it’s going to be lights out fishing.

It’s likely that the river is going to come down.  We continue to have FANTASTIC weather and the forecast is the same for several days. While this is good for the Otter, some rivers will be needing a drink real soon.  Temps will be great all over and should not be a problem for the rest of this season.  I’ve had reports of Flying Ants on the Lamoille.  This terrestrial fall should be show up consistently While the weather remains consistent.  If you see that it’s going to be windy, that will improve the fishing.

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