Sept. 14, 2009

by Brian Zinger on September 14, 2009

I picked my client up at 6am for an early half day trip. He was a little tired from having great full day yesterday with John Synott. They caught a couple of nice rainbows and fall fish in the morning and then hit Lake Champlain for some fun with bowfin and bass.  He also stayed up late last night watching his Bears loss to my Packers.  I didn’t hold it against him.  I wanted to get him a larger bow than the day before.  We hit the deeper holes that had good flows of the riffs and worked iso nymphs, red headed princes and tan caddis pupa, that only yielded a couple of small bows and fall fish.  Our last spot, I switched up to ole’ faithful, a black woolly bugger.Ten casts later Bill had a really nice fish on. Ten seconds later, the fish had come unbuttoned.  Having no fear we went right back into the hole and in the same lie came a beautiful 16″ bow. With the sun climbing we didn’t do another fish.

The TLC of the Winooski below Bolton was 62, on the low side, but good flows for drifting nymphs, and clear all morning. The rivers around the North East could really use and over night shower to freshen things up, however the forecast is mainly dry for the remainder of the week.

Isonychia’s have been the fly to match.  They seem to be smaller this year to me. Most years when this hatch comes off I’m throwing #10 nymphs and dries. This year #12 and many #14 patterns have been more productive.

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