Relief at last

by Brian Zinger on June 27, 2012

Just what the trout and us trout bum needed, 2 inches of light to moderate rain in a 60 hour period state wid.  Not good if you planed to fish any of the big rivers in the short term, but because there was not much heavy rain to really rile things, the smaller stream will clean quickly and the bigger river by the weekend.  The really good part is that the rain was cool,  which will put river temps back down to the low 60’s.  Also, because it was more of a long soaking rain the watersheds will keep good flows longer.

In the summer and for that mater anytime,  weather is so key to determining if the fishing will be good. For example, last Sunday river temps where in the high 70’s,  if we had received the same 2 inches in a heavy downpour  today and rain that fell was 75 degrees, most rivers would not be fishable for this weekend. When the levels and clarity became fishable the water temp would still not be.   Another thing to consider is the effect of the sun.  If it comes out hot and strong for the next couple of days the water will warm much more quickly because the murky water absorbs heat better than clear.  With technology the way it is, anglers can just check posts like this and the Stream and Brook river report  on line to get all this info before heading out.

All of that being said, river condition will be improving over the next several days barring any pop up Tstorms.  I’ll be heading to the NE Kingdom to find a Hex hatch while rivers are still full.

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