May 29, 2009

by Brian Zinger on May 29, 2009

It has been raining on and off for the last 3 days.  Here in Westford,me I received 1.4 inches of rain which has only stained the Brown’s river and the Lamoille below Fairfax dam.  However, the stream flow data for the Lamoille at the Johnson gage leads to believe that they got more. The cfs has gone from 250 wednesday afternoon to 1,340 today at 2:30pm.  That could be slug of water that will make Fairfax a mess tomorrow and we are not really out of the woods yet with the moisture.  Finding fishable water over the weekend will involve going thru your check down list of which waters clean up fastest and reading river reports to see where the guides have been.  Better yet, book a trip with a guide and have him show you. There are also plenty of ponds and lakes fishing well.

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