June 9, 2009

by Brian Zinger on June 9, 2009

Fishing has been outstanding since the water quality improved from the last wash out.

Our clients have have been catching all species of fish and in some case catching the largest trout they will catch all year, thanks to the Trophy sections VT Fish and Wildlife have established all over the state. I had a young couple down in the Quechee Gorge on Sunday evening.  Josh and Alli have had world class fly fishing experiences, but Alli had yet to catch a trout on a fly.  She tried the fly in the beginning, but went quickly to the spinner after watching Josh nymphing up a couple bows on BH orange and partridge.  She caught a trout and two small perch on the spinner.  Determined to get a trout on a fly, she picked the fly rod at the next stop on our way up the gorge. She was quickly hooked up on two fish, then landed the 3rd which was the fish of the day.  A nice 14″ rainbow.  When it came time to take a picture of this momentous occasion and releasing the fish. I found out out that Alli has some issue with touching fish.  She eventually addressed her fears and allowed me to place the fish into her hands. I blew the picture somehow, but witnessed a quick release and a good laugh.

We haven’t had any measurable amount of rain since May 28th and have had plenty of sun shine. This has made the fishing a bit tougher. Productive Hatches have been occurring mostly in the morning consisting mostly of March Brown’s and Grey Caddis.  The water has become low and crystal clear, so a stealthy presentation of both fly and angler has been helpful.  Water temps have remained consistent with AM temps in the low to mid 50′s and evening temps in the low 60′s.  Today we get some moisture that could total  an inch by this evening.  This should only benefit the rivers, but the rain coming later this week could set us back.  Keep your eye on reports and stream flows on USGS.

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