June 14th, 2009

by Brian Zinger on June 14, 2009

Not such a great day for “Free Fishing Day” yesterday. I received 1.1. inches of rain Thursday night into Friday morning. This was a state wide event and has big rivers dirty and high. The Lamoille this AM was clearing and lowering enough to fish. All of the Tribs I passed were in great shape, so I decided to hit some of my fav spots on the Gihon.  I usually walk a good distance up or down this river before I make my first cast.  The reason I do this, is to get away from the easy spots that fishermen hit and to observe the water conditions and insect activity.  The river had great flow and 57 degrees, but only a few grey caddis hatching. All caddis imitations presented were ignored. All bushy high floating dries were ignored. A #12 muddler minnow rang the dinner bell.  Fish where holding tight to the head of the pool under the heaviest riffle. Swinging the muddler and adding short quick strips triggered many takes. I landed over a dozen brookies with 2 of them being over 11 inches.  Normally the wild brown trout in this river make up the majority of fish that are over 10 inches.  I didn’t touch a brown… The 10 day forecast is not pretty.  Most of the rain forecasted is of the scattered afternoon T-storm variety which we do not need.

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