July 30, 2009

by Brian Zinger on July 30, 2009

I only received .3 inches of rain overnight here in Westford, so I got up early to go fish some of my big fish haunts on the Lamoille.  The light rain that the river received did a good job of cooling the water.  The water was 64 at 4:30am, clear and great flow. I was able to find water temps of 61/62 and it was these sections that I had my best luck.  I didn’t get any of the big ugly browns that I was in visioning while high sticking in the dark, but I did manage to bend my rod on a number of wild bows.  There was a sparse caddis hatch with plenty of the adults in the foliage.  I know it will shock any one who knows me, that I caught the majority of the fish on an X-caddis with a Lamoille River Muskrat as a dropper.  The best fish was a 15″ wild bow that took a badly eaten X-caddis as it hit the water.

Unfortunately, all water sheds south of the Lamoille got hammered with rain over night, as much as 3 inches around Rutland.  The Otter and Winooski got hit the hardest and will be a long shot for fishing this weekend.  Their trib’s will be a great option.  By the beginning of next week air temps will be dropping back into the low 70′s with not to much in the way of rain. Keep your fly rods crossed…

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