Fishing Journal and Weather Report – April 2014

by Brian Zinger on April 6, 2014

Opening day for trout is next Saturday.  This is one of those days many anglers look forward to all winter long, and no matter what the weather or river conditions,  will get out to try there luck.  Generally, opening day in Vermont is a challenge.    With the long cold winter we are still enjoying, and enough snow pack in the mountains that ski resorts are looking to extend the season, opening day this year will prove to be a challenge as well.

Rivers have been opening up with the warmth of the sun, however they are filling up with run off and jamming up with ice and debris. This weeks forecast will be more seasonal with a couple days pushing 60, and fairly dry. Lows will still be in the high 29’s and mid 30’s so the sap will still be flowing and we should have a nice gradual thaw.  Most river should be free of ice by the the opener, but they will be high and murky so use safe wading practices.  Access to all of your favorite spots should be ok.

There are many anglers getting ready for the Opening day Otter Creek Classic this coming weekend, so we wish them all good luck.  Fishing this time of year doesn’t require being stealth.  Sink line, short leaders and big heavy flies usually rule the day.  There will be several Stream and Brook guides in the pro division of the contest.  They will mostly be  fishing eddies, side seams, inside bends and tail outs.  They’ll be using nymph and streamer patterns.  They’ll be trying to get to the bottom quickly working the fly slowly with an occasional twitch or strip.  The fish will still be sluggish so if there is a hatch they won’t be moving on it.  They may have bouce the fly off the fishes head.  Popular nymphs for this time of year are gold, black, brown stone nymphs, BH Hare’s Ear and Red Headed Princes, size 12 -8.  Popular streamers are White, Black, Olive Woolly Buggers, Muddler Minnows, Micky Finns.  Other must haves are San Juan Worms and egg patterns.



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