Fishing at last….

by Brian Zinger on June 11, 2012

For those of you who follow this report, I apologize for the lack of updates.  Most of you will understand, and the rest of you will understand. When you have active teenagers, your ability to find time to report on the fishing you’ve been lucky enough to get to do,  diminishes too either writing or sleeping.   Look of updates more regular as school lets out.  Anyway…I hit the upper Lamoille solo Saturday evening, and was shocked that I didn’t see another angler.  The river was in perfect condition 62 degrees, clear and flows great for fishing any fly.  I fished 3 of my favorite hole and was rewarded at each with a mix of stocked and wild fish   at each location.  I caught fish on several different flies, with the most popular being a chartreuse sparkle pupa and an SS Sulphur fished dead drift just under the surface.  Not much hatching from4pm t0 8pm, but as the sun set and the air cooled a number of different flies came of, and it was the emergers that the fish wanted.  I spoke to a friend who fished a slow pool at dark and had fish come to a light Cahill pattern, which was one of the  flies that I observed where I was.

We’ve had some warm days with no precip. , so  the rain forecast for tomorrow will keep rivers  from the 70’s.  I have   a full day trip for tomorrow and I’m thinking earlier will be better than later.

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