April 7th 2009

by Brian Zinger on April 7, 2009

I’m a river fisher man at heart. I’d rather be casting away to trout in a river system than on flat water, or trolling for them out of a boat. However, each is fun in it’s own right,  and this time of year trolling for ice out trout and salmon is the most fun you can have. Yesterday I had an opportunity to get out after those hungry shallow dwelling trout with a couple of good friends of mine Mike Dostie (Frenchmen) and Scott Baker on board Mikes new boat the “Trout Tracker”.  It was not the kind of day for fair weather fishermen Cold , damp and rainy, however there where a few other hearty soles out.  We had a great day! We boated well over 30 fish, mostly brown’s with the salmon coming later in the day. We also missed a number of fish. The best bite was when it was raining. We had doubles and triples on during these rain events. When the rain stop the action slowed with it.  We had a tough time getting any fish with shoulders until Mike brought his young daughters out after school.  We let them handle all the fish from the time they got on board and they both caught nice salmon. One was 4 3/4 lbs and the other was just under 4.  We exclusively trolled spoons with some pretty interesting names, and color schemes, but Black and Silver was the hottest pattern.

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